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September 14, 2010


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And the fact that I'm reading this post two weeks late tells you that I'm on the same page. I seem to have lost my writing mojo lately -- or to be too distracted by life, or something. Anyway. I do hope you don't completely disappear. We NEED witty, smart women like you out here writing, if only to serve as vital antidote to drivel.


I agree with you, sometimes reading around blogs can be really depressing. Have you read over hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com ??

It's my new favourite blog ever. Last time I read it I genuinely snorted out some tea.

Have tissues ready.


Gee Whiz---you missed it . Trader Joe's had a sale on chocolate bars last week---maybe they have some left. 3 bars in a pack for less than two bucks---dark and milk. I bought a bunch and hid them in a cupboard---somewhere


I love and hate twitter. I enjoy paring what I want to say into 140 little characters. I can skim a lot of updates in a short amount of time. However, most of those updates are absolute drivel. And I'm blogging less because so often, what I might have blogged about gets pared down and tweeted instead. (What does THAT say about the value of most of my blog posts?) The jury is still out on Twitter.

In the meantime, I enjoy reading your tweets AND your blog. Thanks. :)


C'mon over to casa de Crazy - we have chocolate...snd cookies...and booze...and SOMEONE has to consume 'em 'cause I CAN'T right now...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who doesn't give a fig sbout shoes, fashion, or traffic, anyway)

Mantel Man

Laurie, maybe NOW you understand why I never bothered with Twitter. If I'm going to post something mostly about poop, it's going to be 500 words long, with photos of cows, recurring jokes, and a machine that goes "Bing!" And for that I already have a vehicle: your blog.

I'll leave the tweeting to my toaster oven: "@fireplace: I just toasted a bagel!" However, I made my toilet close its Twitter account. It was starting to compete with my guest posts here.

Cactus Petunia

Ron, I think we're related...My cousin Obscurity came to visit months ago and now she refuses to leave. I knew I should have never friended her on Facebook!


Sisters unite against "shrill, self-righteous and mind-numbingly obvious speechifying!"
I feel like our new world of media is always changing, progressing (or not), and will not be the same creature one year from now that it is today. Which is good. This is what keeps me "in" and interested. I feel more of the intellectual "blahs" toward the mommy blog situation right now, but I hear ya too on Twitter too.
I'm keeping my eye on the bigger movement of media and that's what's still exciting to me.
Love ya!


yeah, i've been working up the steam to write something. i have a major disney vent coming. but i actually have to sit down and write.

but most of the stuff i read - blerg. the mommy blog phenom is great and awful. i mean, sometimes, people can write and emerge from it with interesting things to say. and then, there are the blogs mostly about poop.

anyway, FWIW, i truly enjoy your stuff. i heart fooleryland <3


Oh gosh...don't visit mine. I have no life and am old. Leaving all the intelligent stuff to you younger ladies. Mine's just a diary LOL

Audubon Ron

I didn't realize I had a relative named Obscurity. So, NOW you finally appreciate me more my pithy cleverness.

The Glamorous Life Association

You can't leave competitive blogging! We were just getting ready to take the synchronized blogging group on tour. And you know you are the cornerstone of our blooming flower routine.

But seriously....I get it. I am often STUNNED by the lack of any real VALUE the bulk of blogs out there represent. Just dribble. Drabble. Now my site is no Walden either....but I have the motto 'if you can't make a difference. At least make em laugh'

Hang tough. Be strong. And Twitter on.

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