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September 15, 2010


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You can repeat it again sometime. I will enjoy it again as tho' I had never read it before.
Memory is gone.

Suzanne Broughton

Keep the classics coming! I agree with Rick's Cafe I love re-runs!

The Glamorous Life Association

I can barely breath. So funny Foolery.

More importantly? I sent this post to my husband, who I believe was also in Hawaii at the same time as you....but thankfully was not a sailor. He was a grad student. You didn't meet any of those did you?

Oh Fool. I love your writing. I hope you know that while you feel tapped out. You will find 'it' again. Sometimes inspiration is like a hot water heater. It just takes a while to heat up again after whole bunch of long hot showers.

I wonder what my life would have been like if I knew you back then. I predict a lot of laughing so hard I would pee my pants.

Rick's Cafe

Yeah, me too(read it).....but I love re-runs :))
But be forewarned Foolery....when you're old and grey and try to pass this off as a NEW post, we're going to rise up and riot! ...assuming our brains are still functiong 40 years from now!

Audubon Ron

I read this one already.

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