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August 17, 2010


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I have no words

Audrey  at Barking Mad

OK so I through all five minutes but I have to tell you, mimes scares me almost as badly as clowns do. And sweet merciful Jesus, to steal the words from Thadeus, how I hate them mimes!

Audubon Ron

Wait, it isn't good for me to sit around, smoke dope and badmouth my country?

Why I never...

noe noe girl

I am totally speechless!

boB Cleveland


1) They were actually BISON, not BUFFALO.

2) He mentioned one mime for every 8 settlers unless you counted horses as settlers, in which case it was 1 for every 6. That would be, I believe, backwards. 1 out of 6, unless you counted .. etc etc blah blah.

3) I'd never heard this before. I guess mimes had kept quiet about it.

boB Cleveland


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