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August 14, 2010


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Frume Sarah

True statement.

Sometimes people wonder why it takes me so long to write a post. Even when inspired, I just can't knock out quality-work.

The Glamorous Life Association

It is posts like these that remind me what an intelligent group of people are out there in the blogosphere. This has such depth and meaning. Your talent is deep. :)


Is that quality with a K?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

My blog is fulfilled with crap, which I realize is not the correct use of the word "fulfill" yet is a perfect way of illustrating my my point--if, in fact, there is one.


Which is why everyone should stay far, far away from my blog.

No, really.

noe noe girl

I have to say theres alot of good stuff round these parts!

Audubon Ron

Where's the beef?

Suzanne Broughton


Rick's Cafe

Though...a little once in a while quantity is nothing to shake a leg at!


I LOVED this post. It was incredibly meaningful for me. Please continue to share your thought-provoking musings with us!


Which is not to say that I have achieved this, obviously. Hi boB! Hi Catch! Thanks for reading, commenting and upping my quality quotient TREMENDOUSLY.  : ) My readers truly class the place up a LOT.

Catch the Kids


Bob Cleveland

I agree. I try to hang around blogs that feature only the highest quality nonsense, the best piffle, horsefeathers, etc.

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