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August 10, 2010


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noe noe girl

I just love a deal!

The Glamorous Life Association

That is called 'craigslist math' it is like the 'new math' only with less teeth and more beer.

Audubon Ron



I love how it's even less of a deal to buy both.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

He and I must drink the same Kool Aid.

46 or 45? Is it possible not to know your own age?

Tracey of These Nine Acres


boB Cleveland

And if I'm not mistake, that's arithmetic, anyway.

boB Cleveland

Think big.



I knew I could count on you, boB.  ; )

boB Cleveland

I spotted the math problem right off. It should be "$4055", not $4050".


What a bargain!


I know! But the math was the worst of it -- ALL of the math.

Cactus Petunia

blank and whit? whit what?

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