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July 02, 2010


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That is genious! I happen to know both of them personally, and I think this is perfect!

Okay. I don't really know Kathy Bates personally, but I felt like I did after watching her in Misery. Oh, yikes! Now I'm going to think of Grandma J as a psycho killer!

Thanks a lot, Foolery. Wherever ya'll are going, it sounds like fun.


I so love the crab hat.

noe noe girl

I love it!!! I really need a hat like that!

Mental P Mama



The real skills of casting must be convincing the right people to take the job, which usually involves money and a big fat trailer full of cucumber water and green MMs, so I hear. I dont have any of those things, though Id spring for the MMs.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

PERFECT!!! You really need to quit your day job and get into casting. (Casting for movies, not casting for fish which is what it means around here. Since you're not from around here, that was an unnecessary explanation/clarification. I'm going to take a nap now.)


I can't think of a better choice to play Kathy Bates in the... oh, wait.

grandma j

Boy, you sure know how to flatter a girl! I love Kathy Bates....

See you in too weeks Foolery!!

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