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July 22, 2010


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That last photo is adorable.
So glad to have met your happy family. Your husband is a hoot!

Mental P Mama

sigh. The Foolery Clan are beautiful inside and out. Just like we knew they would be. That last shot? Perfection;)


Mostly I'm flabbergasted that no one thinks the vegetable drawer is the least bit unusual.


Oh BHE, thank YOU GUYS for welcoming us (and/or putting up with us)!

big hair envy

LOVE the last photo!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us this year! They added an extra sparkle to the group;)


@Ron, I will be by to watch that video SOON.

@Meg, I have almost 350 photos from our whole trip, 2/3 of which were from D.C. It was so hard to find a place to START! I won't bore y'all with all of 'em, don't worry.

@noe noe, wait until you see TOMORROW'S post, starring YOU. : )

@CBW, I have no idea what was happening there. I rated it PG and moved on.

@momx2, I am bummed that I missed you, too. NEXT TIME!

@yogurtry, that shrimp boil was to die for. Miss noe noe and her husband and Big Hair Envy were the chefs; I was lucky to be a kitchen wench and watch the proceedings (at least before bailing and taking a sunset boat ride, that is). I HAVE THE RECIPE. This WILL be made.

Thanks everybody, for reading, and to my fellow Blisters, thank you for another weekend that goes down in the Fooleryland Hall of Fame for Best Fun EVER!

phd in yogurtry

That clam bake / shrimp boil looking food tray looks SO good.


Love that last photo :) I am so sorry I didn't get to see you and meet your family. You look amazing!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

LOVE that last photo! You all are such a great family, each and every one of you.

p.s. Umm what is Kate doing to the Baroness in that picture? Or is that the BAroness' arm, in which case what is SHE doing? How did I miss all this?

noe noe girl

Love this post!!! I miss you and that whole bunch you brought with you!


Great photos - especially the last one! Now where is my energy drink?

Audubon Ron

Glad you're back. You've been missed and have a lot of reports to catch up on to include a video on how to make German Potato salad.

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