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July 28, 2010


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Passive-aggression is my secret weapon, too! We really do have much in common.

Suzanne Broughton

You missed your calling as a tour guide.


Bravo! Thank The Husband for us! Now, can he maybe do something about the tiltiness? Wouldnt want to take a stroller in there!  ; )


oh - the husband says it's the jefferson building of the library of congress. ze mystery...she is SOLVED :-)


@Frume Sarah, welcome! Fooleryland is a silly place, but it's home.

@Raz, half of my posts involve animals, possibly more. It's statistically fairly likely that your comment would be about animals. Or poop.

@Debbie, government is a microcosm of our greater society. Buttheads are everywhere, but so are quiet heroes. At least I cling to that hope. Also, the only buttheads I saw in D.C. that day were in the mirror. ; )

@Sher, I think I had an idea of what I was photographing at the time, believe it or not, but not anymore. I live in Faux Adobe and Stucco Land, so it was nice to see these hard-surfaced buildings. Really nice.

@Rick, I wouldn't want to further alienate my readers with such a photo. They'd have to open extra browser windows to see it all.

@noe noe girl, it was a fast trip but we hit the big stuff!

@MPM, I don't actually have poisonous saliva, as far as you know. ; )

@Miss Glam, if you think THESE photos are bad you should see the digital cutting room floor!

Thanks for reading and commenting, everybody -- you make my day, every time. : )

Audubon Ron

Looks like fun.

The Glamorous Life Association

This goes in my card catalog (complete with a Dewey decimal system) under "how to create a great post with crappy photos" and might possibly be a double entry with "large a$$ed animals"


The Glamorous Life Association

This goes in my card catalog (complete with a Dewey decimal system) under "how to create a great post with crappy photos" and might possibly be a double entry with "large assed animals"


Mental P Mama

LOL. The shrew's secret weapon is safe with me;)

noe noe girl

Looks like you covered all the bases of DC!
ps I love that museum!

Rick's Cafe

Your pics:
#1) Looks so much like the Zapruder film, I caught myself looking for a lone gunman lurking in the trees.
#2) Flip the negative OR save until 2012 when the government will really be leaning to the right.
#6) You're the only one I know who takes a picture of an elephant's arse and then makes a personal comparison. So, to be fair to the elephant, I demand to see side by side photos. ...and if ya don't mind, send them to my PO Box :)


(not irked by your post. loved it. just get irked and bored by the whole "slam the government" business.)


the tilty looks like one of the house office buildings, but i'm not entirely sure. will have to ask the husband, who happens to be part of the Government, which isn't entirely being as ridiculous as a lot of the american public is.


I visited once when I was a teen. I like your version much better. It's so much more appropriate to see it like this, when the Government is being so ridiculous. This IS Washington and you captured it perfectly!!!

The giraffe especially! Think about our Congress the next time you see them LOL LOL

Not to mention ASSES...as in huge elephant ones. You didn't realize you were capturing the REAL Washington BWHAAAAAAA!

Love it woman....


Whenever I comment on your posts I swear it's about animals. I'm weird.


Frume Sarah

Thanks so much for bringing us right along with you :)

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