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July 23, 2010


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I not-so-secretly dig Nora! She's the bomb-diggety!


Nora would have won her over. She's irresistible!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Well, this Blog Fester thinks that with just one more day Nora would have had Sparky dancing. She'd also be navigating a boat down Queens Creek. She's one smart cookie, that Sparky.

Mental P Mama

That Sparky has some boundaries! She is going to be just fine;)

boB Cleveland

And, incimidentally, Blogfest Sister = Blister does seem a but more appropriate than Blog Fester.

boB Cleveland

I don't know what sort of dance it was, but I can guess by observing where Sparky was looking.

My kinda dance.

I think it's the agricultural dance invented in Hawaii. There, they put a crop of hay on one hip, put a crop of hay on the other hip, and then rotate their crops.


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