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June 02, 2010


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faux mccoy

how peculiar -- i was just perusing the innernetz in hopes of finding hints on how to get the youngsters (and others) safely to the bathroom when the sudden desire to lose one's stomach contents happens upon them ... i am thinking this uppercase living outfit is worth checking out. do they have a sign i may affix to the wall above above the toilet stating 'vomit here please' and a set of several other matching signs i may place at random locations merely stating cryptically 'not here', 'not here' and 'definitely not here'???


genius. I would totally buy your designs.


How about:
~Put the potty seat down
~Wipe thoroughly!
~If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat.
~Don't forget to put on your pants back on.
Can you tell what we are doing right now?? Though the last one could work in the bedroom too...

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Hey! Great new look. I came expecting horsefeathers and piffle and got a whole new country instead. Love it.

The Glamorous Life Association

There was a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Ed Debevics. It was a 50's dinner and I went there A LOT. Mainly cuz the waitresses were in character and I loved to mess with them. I was offered a job there 3 times.

Anywhoo. On the wall on the way out it said

"Warning: You are about to enter Beverly Hills. It is not reality. It is Beverly Hills."

So I always wanted a warning sign for my house. I am thinking by the front door

"See it only looked glamorous from the outside huh?"

Rick's Cafe

Honey...did you paint the kichen since I was in here last? Something looks different, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


I have a friend who sells this stuff and I just can't imagine any of it in my home. But your version? Quite possibly. Do they have one that says NO SOCKS HERE or WHY ARE YOU "HANGING" YOUR COAT IN THE SHOE BASKET AGAIN WHEN THERE ARE HOOKS RIGHT ABOVE IT?" I'd be all over it.

Suz Broughton


Audubon Ron

By my back door is a hook. Next to the door I'd write, "Honey have you seen my keys?"

Cactus Petunia

Those are classic!

Laurie Ann

I like the Foolery versions much better. That "Richards" one would suck if they got divorced.

Rick's Cafe

My daughters were similar to Sparky and Smedly when they were that age...or maybe it's the other way around? Either way, I wouldn't suggest writing on any wall, for any reason...little minds need only little encouragement to emulate behavior :))

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'd like to order a "Pick up your S&!+ right now or I'm throwing it away!" for every single room in the house, as well as a sign for the yard.

You're definitely on to something here...

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