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June 06, 2010


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Suz Broughton

HaHa "package frame." Loved the story.


Okay, dude, who are you and what have you done with my husband? Because he could have written this, about not only his shoes, but also about most of his wardrobe. Especially sweatpants. I buy him new stuff but he still wears the old stuff. And I won't even talk here about his underwear... I don't have time for the crying jag and hissy fit I'd have to throw.

The Glamorous Life Association

Um, Mantle man is kind a HOT.
Or maybe it is just his insane slightly wacked out version of frugality that has got me all excited.

Nope. He is just hot.

He is frugal AND hot to boot.

Call me Mantle man. Just as soon as I am divorced and looking for a guy with shoes that have 10yrs+ of sweat and SMELL in them.

MMMMMM. Yummy.

Mantel Man

It's not a "gnarly package frame," you terribly silly person - it's a climbing harness! Available at REI and adult stores everywhere. Use only with gnarly packages.

Rick's Cafe

I guess I never understood why some people (female) believe one should throw away perfectly good stuff....just cause it's old. Granted, if a t-shirt is so tired that it won't stay on, I'll throw it away (with a quiet nod of appreciation for years of service). But to throw away a tie just 'cause of it's width? ...jeesh, some people! Next thing ya know, they'll be expecting you to throw away a good pair of shoes just cause ya had a bad 1st date.

boB Cleveland

"....as a talented writer and a terribly silly person."

Sounds like it runs in your genes. You know, kind of like diarrhea.

Great story.

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