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June 30, 2010


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Hey, Gubby, easy on the 4-H jokes. I was a fine 4-H member too. Though I never did livestock... only cooking and macrame and gardening (I killed my marigolds). Seriously. There was nothing else to do.

Gubby aka ijefff

Oh ya- where you come from 4-H and FFA are dating services!


Not your sheep; your sheep just cried a lot.

Gubby aka ijefff

Sheep lie.


Never noticed. Too busy rubbernecking down the street to Daltons to see if you and the sheep had shown up yet.

Gubby aka ijefff

Do your cows stare at water towers when you take them to Bojes for dinner and then a show?

noe noe girl

This is gonna save me alot of time!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I trust that these bovine activities are conducted by a high-heel shoe wearing spray painter? Because here lately I've been learning a lot about cows, and some of the best cow tending is done in high heeled work shoes. At least according to my sources.

Mental P Mama

Lucky cow!

Rick's Cafe

(sound of forehead slap)
And one can touch up their black dress shoes at the same time - so everyone can look pretty...for the same event!

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