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June 29, 2010


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boB Cleveland

There's something to that old adage concerning the more booze, the better the gal looks. Only I don't think it's supposed to work THIS way.

But it does. Right up to the last photo, anyway.

It's all I could think of to say, from Spokane.

Rick's Cafe

I would highly recommend that all female bloggers have web cams....and lots and lots of wine!


I have GOT to get me a webcam... and some wine.

Rick's Cafe

CBW - Your comments, + the Pedicure in a Can post = picture #4 where Foolery remembers 'touching up' father's shoes.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

That third photo down, I know just what was happening.

You and your father were discussing cow herding strategies while wearing high heels. Well, you weren't wearing high heels while *discussing*, nor was he, but you were discussing herding with high heels. Shooing animals through pastures while wearing high heels. (The animals, of course, were not wearing high heels.)

This comment is brought to you by wine. Take photos #2 and 5 and multiply by anything.

LOVE these photos!


Nope, never noticed. I do recommend a Designated Editor, however. So much less explaining to do in the morning.

Audubon Ron


Audubon Ron

...but you probly neever noticed...

Audubon Ron

Well, I knew we have something in common. I drink and blog too.

noe noe girl

Continue on my dear...continue on!

Rick's Cafe

Did someone leave you a couple of gold coins while you slept?

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