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June 15, 2010


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Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I think it makes sense. I eloped. Whether you call me married or civil unioned it doesn't change what I feel for my hubs.


I'm late to the party here, but had to say that this is as logical, reasonable and simple a solution as I have seen. It makes perfect sense.

faux mccoy

mr rebar and i have felt this way for some time. marriage is a legal contract, that is it's sole function in society. why would any religious institution be necessary for what is essentially contract law? hmmmmmm.

way to go sistah!

The Glamorous Life Association

Genius. Really genius.

I am right there with you.


I'm sorry, was someone talking? I got distracted by the photo of Judge Reinhold.


No slings or arrows, sugar - I feel much the same way. I have often argued that, if marriage is a religious act the State has no business mucking with it in any way and it is the Church's right to decide who may wed within its bounds. If it's a State institution, then it is for EVERYONE. There cannot be special rights for some and not for others. Laws are for ALL, not a chosen few (which also happens to be one reason I think we need fewer laws).

I'll spare you the lecture on the history of marriage, why governments or religions feel the need to control sexual union, and what it actually means to have separation of church and state...it's too dang early.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who, as a minister, has performed several gay marriages which have outlasted her own)

noe noe girl

makes me no never mind!

Rick's Cafe

....are you trying to tell us something? Does husband know? How did he take it?

Audubon Ron

I'm not into same sex marriage, BUT I think a guy should be able to have more than one wife if he wanted. I know... And by the way, WHERE did you find that picture of the sun shinning through the redwoods trees. I have seen that many years when I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

That's Awesome with a capital A!!!!


The only thing you'd have to add is that all the LEGAL ramifications of marriage would have to be amended to be civil union based: health insurance, inheritance, tax implications, "family" memberships at everything from the gym to the museum...etc. But after that little hurdle, I think the plan is genius. Truly.


sounds groovy to me. I was married by a judge, too. I don't care whether I'm married or one half of a civil union.

boB Cleveland

No slings and arrows from here, but history shows that the public acceptance of immorality has been a hallmark of every society that has ever fallen from within. I'd just prefer the USA get deep-sixed in some righteous war, rather than with the whimper of internal decay.

Oh, the other hallmark has been breakdown of law an order, which normally amounts to enforcement of laws. Or non-enforcement, to be accurate.

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