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June 05, 2010


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Audrey at Barking Mad

Oh dear Lord...I can't look. It gives me a headache! But, um, I can't unsee it, now can I?

Audubon Ron

I have two words. Ridiculous.


I kinda dig those pants, though. They draw the eyes right to the knees, which in my case would be helpful because that way the papparazi wouldn't be looking at my big butt.

Cactus Petunia

Wow. I'd say she's definitely done.

Rick's Cafe

This is what happens when parent don't let children experiment with clothing choices at an early age. While mildly dramtic, wearing different colored socks, two different shoes or something really daring like polka-dots and stripes to grade school vents the system early and with little to no harm.
But as we see in the pic above, Kesha's clothing frustration has obviously been pent up for years and just like a volcano, has been waiting for the right moment to blow.

boB Cleveland

Easy. When you can't reach your shoes.

As my friend Bud Downey once said, she looks like an unkept grave.

She's like Australia. Everybody knows what's there, but who'd even want to go?

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