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June 04, 2010


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I'm saving my quarters in a jar because I could really use a new banner. I hate my DIY banner. Also? Give us the code to your fancy button! I collect buttons. Like I collect quarters.

Me likey the new design.

Rick's Cafe

Yuuummmm, donuts!
...and I can read your site without my glasses!

Now if I can just get my French Maid to make a decent cup of coffee, life would be grand!


Is this going to be anything like Disneyland? Because I get bored at Disneyland.

Now that was a silly question.

Yay! I like the new banner, too.


Lookin' good! Lookin' good. How do I get me one of those button thingys? I would like to post it on my blog but don't see the code.


@Kathi, all citizenship requests will be processed soon -- like, maybe, when I find the keys to the kingdom. Is this small criminal background related to Patty Hearst, perchance?

boB, I set my default text size at 15 points, for readability. I hope it's a positive thing for all comers.

SDM, my business card reads "Blog Dictator." It is my preferred title.

Thanks to all of you for coming by, and more donuts should be arriving soon, I hope. Off to the new Farmers Market!

The Glamorous Life Association

A whole damn land.
Well that seems about right to me.


Looks really nice.

San Diego Momma

I'm back.

If you started a land...you would be the king and not the mayor, right?

Especially if the land is magical?

I just wanted to clear up my previous comment.

San Diego Momma

The place looks fab.
I like that you are the Foolery Mayor of Foolery Town where there is much foolery.

Finally, where is my doughnut? And my two dollars????
I want my two dollars!

Suz Broughton

Looks great!!!


LOVE it ... now I want my own country, I am no longer satisfied Darylizing


Thanks. I feel welcome



oh, and i will work for donuts.

boB Cleveland

Nice digs

For some reason it comes up on my monitor in really big letters which makes it easy to read

I don't know who's responsible for that but it's cool

Or should I say coolery

And oh by the way did you ever consider changing the name to Stoolery which might possibly be



Audubon Ron

Is that fresh paint I smell?


Also, I would like a plain glazed or two, or more.


I would like to apply for citizenship in your land. I have no credentials and possibly a small criminal background.

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