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May 25, 2010


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You nailed it!!!!!
But, I have to vote anyway


That grown man in diapers is almost more terrifying than any politician.

I have a hard time believing in anything these days. I voted for Obama and am sickened by some of the things I see.

No one can seem to fix a broken pipe dumping 70,000 gallons of oil per day into the ocean? AND they give BP full rights and responsibility for fixing the problem?


Mental P Mama

I am sick of every last one of them. Sick.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

That guy in the diaper looks uncomfortably familiar. Flashbacks to a fraternity are involved and I may need a glass of wine.

On the other hand, your advice is brilliant.

p.s. Can you bring some Del Taco samplings to B.F.? We don't have them out here, and it'll go well with Meg's salsa and chips from Chevys.

Audubon Ron

It's gotten to the point where it's gotten to the point. That's the point.

boB Cleveland

I'd dearly LOVE to see one of them offer to comply with your #2. My baby is 47 and outweighs every political candidate since William Howard Taft (and that guy Grover C.).

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