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April 08, 2010


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OF COURSE! That's perfect. Maybe Debra should immerse herself in Blogfest '10 just to really get a good study on the Noe Noe character. I will bring extra limes.

big hair envy

Perfect! I can't wait for Debra to visit my 'hood to learn about all things Noe Noe!!


Are you, by chance, a casting director by night? You are amazing at it!!

Mental P Mama

I am sure old Debra would be into the Corona...awesome!

noe noe girl

Funny girl! I hope she likes a good cold Corona..with lime!

Chesapeake Bay Woman


I hope Debra is fit enough to dash out onto the street and latch ahold of a moving hillbilly float in a parade.

It's definitely a desired skill. Not required, but desired. Trust me.

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