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April 14, 2010


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I actually have a friend who is a dead ringer for Gillian Anderson. But I think Oprah just .... fits somehow. Me likey.

I can't believe all that time we spent in the car and you never came clean to me about your Oprah-dating days. I swear, I don't even know who you are anymore.

noe noe girl

This is why you are called foolery!


Wait -- does a pool boy come with this gig? AWESOME.

Unless you were speaking of the 50-year-old pool boy I already have, which is also AWESOME.

Rick's Cafe

Suz, who else but Oprah would want a 50 yr old pool boy? :)

boB Cleveland

Mary McCormack played the character Kate Harper, a National Security Advisor, on the West Wing. In one episode, she said (to Josh Lyman, as I recall), "You know, I can kill you and just make up an excuse why, don't you?".

I repeat. She's your stand-in there, Ms Foolery.

Audubon Ron

Why the O? I don't get it.

Suz Broughton

Who didn't date Oprah? Seriously...so you guys are a lot alike I guess :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

OK, I have another one: Gillian Anderson.

I'm getting close, but still not quite there in the spunk department. Spunk is a good thing, by the way.

Truth be told, I'm not sure there is an actress out there who can capture the true spirit of Foolery.

Anywho, for now I'm going to go with Gillian Anderson after she has a glass or two of wine sprinkled heavily with a hefty dose of humor and wit.

Unless I think of someone better...

Charlie Hills

I might be a guy, but I think Ellen DeGeneres should play me in my unauthorized biographical movie.

Rick's Cafe

I'd settle for Oprah, not so much for the looks, but for the money! That way you can afford to fly everyone one in for various events!!

boB Cleveland

Nope. Not by a country mile.

Mary McCormack: http://blogs.babycenter.com/celebrities/files/2008/07/mary-mccormack-july-16.jpg


Im a little concerned about the spunk I am reputed to possess, but GOSH I am otherwise flattered, CBW.  : )

Chesapeake Bay Woman

SUSAN DEY when she had the cropped hair. I sent you the photo - it's damn close, although she lacks the spunk.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Oh hell to the no, not that there's anything wrong with Oprah, but there has to be a closer Foolery-esque actress out there. Give me some time.

Mental P Mama

You need help. No, really.


I avoid being behind the cow, Marcy, but I look forward to your book just the same.

The Glamorous Life Association

I knew it. But I was saving this juicy detail for my upcoming book about you.
"Foolery: The woman behind the cow"

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