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March 01, 2010


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Happy birthday to the Smedster.

(I think she is old enough for a grown-up hip nickname now. And maybe someone else will come up with one.)

boB Cleveland

I'm 13.

When I retired, I started celebrating my shoe size instead of my age. Saves a TON on candles.

Ann Marie

I am agreeing with CBW if you would like to come in July to a place far far away I will gladly give you my birthday and you can celebrate then too!

Happy Birthday Ms Smedley!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Happy Birthday, Ms. Smedley!

Make the most of these birthdays while you can, because, well, just make the most of these birthdays because they will lose their charm with time. In fact, if you wanted to celebrate this particular birthday in another state far, far away in July, I think that could be arranged...

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