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March 08, 2010


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Is there a correlation between having a sense of humor and
intelligence? Any scientific studies, theories, etc. would be
appreciated. Think this might be fun for a google researcher to look

And conversely, does a lack of sense of humor mean less intelligence?


The main problem with the Oscars was that there wasn't nearly enough of Steve and Alec. They should have just done everything themselves, including the acceptance speeches.


Police at the door? Hate it when that happens.

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The Oscars? And you think YOU have "vacuous brain-emptyings".......


This is
without question
My favorite post of yours
mostly because I'm a little scared of getting slingshotted
But also because

Stay Klassy

boB Cleveland

i dint go see the movie inglorious basterds inasmuch as i figgered in light of w c fields quote about not drinking water in light of all the disgusting things fish did in it that inglorious basterds was about the unique deposits therein which were produced by bass and while i realize that much of the produce of filmdom has been about as scintillating as the fecal matter of fishies i saw not reason we should go spend our hard earned (read social security) money on that tripe

was i wrong (insert question squiggly thing)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You had me at the glass of wine and a slingshot but debutantes ball improving without punctuation sealed it.

Did the police show up to confiscate the slingshot or were they more concerned with the belly button lint?

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