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February 01, 2010


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Bob Cleveland


Any time. Although I must say I waited until I was in High School to date my teachers. You must have been precocious.


Rick's Cafe

We really need to talk some time. I had a date with a 1st grade teacher from John Strange...though she didn't introduce me to the principal.

Bob Cleveland

I talked with Liberace, once, and got his autograph. I don't remember where it is, though.

It was in 1974.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Oh, how I wish I could read more of your twitters. Tweets. Chirps. Squawks? Whatever they're called.

I don't tweet/chirp/squawk for the same reason I hardly ever spacebook (as my father calls it, of course he's currently looking to purchase a flaptop so you see what we're dealing with), but wish I could keep up with you there too.

For the same reason that I don't do the above, I couldn't look at your video from the last post, but did notice you professed a love for Pee Wee Herman. ME TOO and my college roommate and I SAW Pee Wee one day as we were jogging in downtown McLean, VA. He was his bicycle riding around the business park we were jogging in. True story.

Bob Cleveland

And honest injun I did know a man in Indianapolis whose name was somewhat shall we say odd when one considered his profession.

Name: Chester Quear.

Job: Principal, John Strange School.

No joke. I'm bein' serious here.

Bob Cleveland

I've never met a feral woman but the idea is rather interesting.

Well I guess there was that time in New Orleans when


Never mind.

Mental P Mama

I want to play!!!

The Glamorous Life Association

That is hysterical.

God I hope this is a well known joke in her office.


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