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February 17, 2010


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Suz Broughton

He knows there Olympics hockey, right? I mean, he could watch that. Just thought I would mention it :)


Well, that's weird. Rick was actually wearing pink tassels that night. He was so embarrassed! He would have worn the white sequins if he had known.

big hair envy

Cool Breeze has conveniently fallen asleep on the sofa prior to the men's figure skating each night. Exhaustion, or defense mechanism?


Wow... TOG was able to watch without seeing his masculinity oozing out in a puddle on the floor. But he did verbally lash out at pink tassels, feathered gloves, fox fur accents, pleather, etc.

However, he did mention that Mr. Wier was likely not the most masculine of fellows. (I've edited his remarks for your audience)

grandma j

I'm with Chas. The skaters' costumes this year are a bit over the top. The pair dressed like clowns was pathetic.

Audubon Ron

Yeah, the pink is a little too much for me too.

Bob Cleveland

I can just see somebody applying for a job with the Indiana State Troopers and being asked about experience and saying "Well .. I can dance around in tights on ice skates and lift this 110# girl over my head..."

Yeah but how 'bout a 250# drunk comin' atcha with a tire iron?


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