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February 01, 2010


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Mantel Man

The only "car pool" in which you should participate is one where you and Chas bet on which goofy girl will crack you up next.


Supposedly it's the fluid in your bladder that causes that feeling, but I love that feeling, too.


Now I'm thinking that could spice up some car pools.


I'll see your nuts and raise you a wee little pee-pee:

There is a very hilly road in PA that we call the "Whee! Road." Because you want to say "Whee!" like on a roller coaster. Well, when each of my boys was around age 3 or 4, they declared on that road, "It makes my pee-pee tickle!"

grandma j

Bossy's hills have nothing on your SF hills!

Audubon Ron

Been on that Powell/Hyde St. car line a little short of one million times. What I remember is bumper-to-bumper cheek-to-cheek. I been squished by a lot of boobs on that car.

Bob Cleveland

When I was in my teens and we spent a lot of time riding around in our wheels, we called those hills "kissmequicks".

Gosh that's been a long time ago. Think the 50's.

Heck .. MY 50's has been a long time ago.

Think the 80's.

Heck .. MY 80's ain't far off.


I'm going to bed.

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