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February 03, 2010


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You DO know what Dad would say to that, right Mantel Man?

"You're telling me more than I want to know."

Ms. Parker, welcome!

Robert Klein, please see me after the show. You're funnier than I am and that's NOT nice. : )

Thanks for reading, everybody!

-- Laurie

Mantel Man

Hey, you published my story! I used to say that my proudest accomplishment in the jet was using the relief tube on a long flight while wearing that damned dry suit and all that other crap.

In the dark.

I also liked to joke that I never could have done it had I not been, uh, anatomically, uh, gifted...

But that's another story.

One that you'd never publish.

MsParker from Arkansas

Way funny! I love it!

Bob Cleveland

I can think of another way to inflate one of them suits which doesn't get one all out of breath. It just takes some fiber and a little time.


Oh .. you typed that sentence error-free if he actually did act as Bombardier-Navigator in the Navy, serving on A-6 Intruders. If he was an exhaust pipe cleaner on Piper Cubs, you didn't.

But I don't think THOSE guys needed G-suits.

If they had a drawstring around the waist of the G-suit, I wonder what they called it.

Excuse me. I think I need to go seek help. I'm morphing into Robert Klein.

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