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February 16, 2010


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Gubby aka ijefff

Here is correct link for the MGB-GT https://www.mgcars.org.uk/pics/mgbgt1.jpg


Youre trying to get me arrested with that link, arent you Gub? I think my ISP address just went into a little file somewhere, on some watch list . . .

GAHHH youre funny. You should have a blog, Gubby. Ill set one up for you on Squarespace. Be right back.

Gubby aka ijefff

It's a good thing you waited until the statue of limitations had expired - times 3 - before you went public with your youthful transgression. :-) I can just imagine what the police radio transmission would sound like, "Dispatch we have 2 nerds drinking wine in front of The Oaks in a vintage British sports car. Please check for any warrants and gang affiliation, Over".

The only way Chico PD would have arrested you two, would have been if you guys had fire-bombed The Oaks on the way to the El-Ray to see a movie.

By the way Dale's car was a MGB-GT see here: https://www.mgcars.org.uk/pics/

Well, at least you didn't hit Dale's car and then give him cookies- I never would have heard the end of that. See for reference - https://foolery.typepad.com/foolery/2008/09/help-me-settle-this-argument.html

big hair envy

Didn't you mean to say that you left town to avoid arrest?? You just never thought the riot would get THAT out of control? It will be OUR little secret;)

I have some of those after-hours hot tub photos of Grandma J....just sayin"!

Audubon Ron

THAT isn't the entire story. I have witnesses and pictures.

Call me to find out where to send the black male cash (or is that black person?), let's just call it black mail and quit arguing.

Bob Cleveland

That picture of you at 16 or whatever really, really reminds me of a young friend of mine, from some years ago. I even did a blog post about her.

It's here; https://mightyfowl.blogspot.com/2009/12/and-she-had-one-in-mine.html

The Glamorous Life Association

Clearly he was gay.


I mean the Midget, the ability to pre-plan, the lack of sparks...WITH YOU no less.

My gaydar is going off like crazy.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

The mere mention of bad perms makes me convulse, but you wore yours exceptionally well. He would have asked you out again if you hadn't moved, I'm sure of it.

Those MGs didn't have much elbow womb, did they?


You know whats funny, grandma j? YOURE RIGHT -- I was only 16 in this photo. I dont have any photos of 20 scanned, but believe me, I looked just like this. Except with braces. For real. And if I recall correctly, *I* wasnt the one in the hot tub after hours, *ahem*.  ; )

@KathiD, youre absolutely right. Somehow Im certain it was my fault. But we didnt get drunk (one small glass each) and nobody had to hold my hair that night, which is good. Shut up, Gubby -- I hear you thinking out there.

SMBS, you flatter me.

Beej, you flatter me.

Thanks for playing, you guys!

grandma j

You look so cute but only 16 in that picture! The 80's big hair didn't help.

I think the Chico State Pioneer Days Riots prbably ended when you left town.

Blog Fest '10 is right around the corner.


I blame you for it anyway. In a good way.

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)

Interesting hearing things from the female perspective. From a guys point of view (not necessarly all men) it would sound something like. "She looked great, but her brother lied when he said she was over 21. Did what I could to get her drunk and take advantage of her, but couldn't get to 1st base in that tiny car with all those people around....so ended the evening early, went home and took a cold shower. Maybe next week will be better."


This post is Reason #543 why I love you so much. Specifically, the kissy lips on that hawt picture of you.

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