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February 18, 2010


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noe noe girl

cant wait to see you girl!

Rick's Cafe

Must be a long winter for everyone....if the plans for blog fest are well underway.

Have fun ladies!

Suz Broughton

So great! I wish I could come--still hoping.

big hair envy


I've been listening to too much rap lately;)

big hair envy


Love the new diddy!!!



I am in rhyme envy.. cant wait to hear this performed and hopefully video'd


Now you have to dress like Spongebob. It's the law.

baroness vonb

I would gladly live in a pineapple under the sea if you would serenade us all day long, darling. You are the best!


Foolery! Yer startin' early with the songage! Love it when the lyric rewriting muse slaps you upside the head and says REWRITE THIS SONG. NOW.

And Sher! Yes! Let's talk. You should come. It's 3 hours from DC. I still have room in my Suburban, though it sounds like the Baroness has already called "shotgun" and our friend Asthmagirl (aka Wheezy) may have staked out the 3rd row for a snooze). But I promise to move my son's booster seat AND clean the crumbs from underneath. Look me up & email me. We may have actually corresponded a while back, when I used to make time to actually read blogs, and also write on mine.


Sweetness and Light, Laurie! What a hoot! Thanks for using my pic! The Baroness and I bought our plane tickets this week! So ready for some blister hugs!!!!

grandma j

What a hoot! I'm in, I'm in! Get the hot tub ready and warn the fiddler crabs of the upcoming invasion.


um...we don't drink like fish? OK...

SO looking forward to VABFII!!!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

sher-we're a mere 2.5 hours from NoVa. - used to live there so I have the route down pat. 95 south to fredericksburg - then take 17 south and keep goin'... keep goin'... keep goin'... until you think you're in a parallel universe, and then pat yourself on the back because you're correct. Then turn left at Saluda and turn off all electronic devices because they won't work. Call and we'll talk you in. You could even hitch a ride with Meg of Soupisnotafingerfood.com, who comes from the DC metro area. Just sayin' there's lots of options.

Come on down.


thanks, ms. chesapeake, for the invite. forgive my ignorance; if it isn't in northern VA, on my direct way to the outer banks, or on the way to charlottesville, i am probably wildly ignorant about any VA places... not that i need be ignorant forever! i will start to work on the husband now to see whether i may be spared. it'll be tough logistically; so fingers crossed. but i appreciate the kind invitation!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Yay!! (except for my picture, and that's a big puffy-eyed, weird-toothed boo).

Anyway YAY!!!!!!!!

ANd sher - Mathews County, Virginia, north of yorktown and the york river, south of the Northern Neck and the Rappahannock. Be there, aloha!


virginia?? as in my state? (or should i say commonwealth??) WTH is matthews? when? can i crash it if my family lets me off for good behavior? if not, can i see ya!??

Bob Cleveland

AND when I look at the photo all I see is gorgeous women and dirty old men. So I won't be there.

(My place is already taken.)

Bob Cleveland

Fish drink what they swim in. YEAHH .. like I'M gonna do THAT!

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