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February 11, 2010


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Rick's Cafe

Gosh...and to think I pay good money to correct this 'client wrestling' problem.

Maybe we can be in a support group together?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Is that Ellen Degeneres?

Anyway, grand idea. This concept has great potential for expansion into the realms of husband/wives and parent/children and crazy woman/her 25 cats. For example.


noe noe girl

oh i cant wait for the details!

Bob Cleveland

If that's the uniform, count me out. Put me in THAT, and women would faint and strong men would barf.

Trust me. It would be genuine peek-a-boo.

(Peek. Then BOO).


Wow, I'll say one thing. It looks like you're going to win! (If that's your warrior doll)

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