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February 25, 2010


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A. Ron - yes, and did he stick the landing?

Bob - You got all serious on us there. I'm sorry to hear about your brother.

Foolery - I agree, get him to the doctor... which as we all know is easier to tell someone else than to actually do.

Audubon Ron

In the spirit of the Olympics, can Chas do a double back with a full twist off the ottoman?
(I'm guessing it was named after a guy named otto.)

boB Cleveland

Hey. It's a worthy goal. My younger son Brad has personally sneezed the name of every Japanese Automobile. And Motorcycle.

He said Mitsubishi was a real b@#&$.

boB Cleveland


I recall my dad and his mom doing the burping thing. That never was a problem with me, though, so I've had to learn other reasons to belch. So far I've settled on personal amusement and the desire to belch the name of every state.


And practice makes perfect.

Or disgusting.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Just so you know, the Dorothy joke was good for a belly laugh.

Rick's Cafe

That's one good looking ottoman you have, I may have to come steal it some night. But if I see a pair of size 12 ruby red slippers sitting on top, I'm going to get real concerned about Chas. (and his choice of footware)!

The Glamorous Life Association

Its like a frickin WEbMD over here.



Well, dang, if it worked, it worked, I guess.

I used to have acid reflux every dang day, that kept me awake at night. I bought Prilosec and the label says you can only take it for 2 weeks without consulting a doctor. So I took it for 2 weeks, no reflux, and as soon as I quit taking it, reflux again. I then did as told and asked my doctor, who said it was OK to take it "forever" and if I had reflux again I should be checked for Barrett's. On the Prilosec I'm reflux-free. Funny thing is, I told the doc that when I was burping at night it struck me that I sounded exactly like my mother and older brother used to sound, and I remembered them standing at the sink at night spooning down bicarb of soda. They were both skinny, so my theory of being overweight causing my problem didn't hold water. Anyway, I joked that I inherited their burps, but it turns out (according to my doc) that dyspepsia does have genetic factors. Anyhoo, like Bob said, the Prilosec has freed me from having to sleep sitting up!

boB Cleveland

Please please PLEASE tell Chas the following:

My brother .. my only sibling .. died from esophageal cancer, which stemmed from acid reflux. The acid in the esophagus causes stomach lining material to migrate up into the esophagus, and that sort of tissue there is pre-cancerous. It's called Barrett's esophagus, and if it could be detected and self-cured, nobody would ever die from it.

When he came down with the cancer, and was diagnosed as terminal in the process, I immediately went and had an endoscopy. Thanks to the happy juice, I actually wanted to live there but they wouldn't let me. But they did find some scarring from reflux, which is a precursor to Barrett's.

I have been on Prilosec since that day .. in 1999 .. and have yet to have indigestion. It's now OTC and cheap.

Please. Get him to a doctor. From what I read in Foolery, and in other places, you really don't want to be a young widow.

OK. I promise to resume my insanity in my next comment. This one was, however, much too important to be funny.

Mental P Mama

And, sadly, this actually makes a whole lot of sense to me...

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