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January 27, 2010


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It's smaller than a regular laptop - for your lighter days.

They wrote about it in the Post yesterday, too...

noe noe girl

cant wait for the ipad mini!

Bob Cleveland

The real caption which of course I wouldn't ever put up here since it's from long ago and nobody would probably realize anyway is...

"...back in the saddle, again..."

Mental P Mama

It was a trending topic higher than iPad! Lolz all around...


"I just disabled the multi-touch gesture on my iPad and now I no longer rotate every time I cross my legs. It's freedom that stays in place!"

Bob Cleveland

This just in:


We really AREN'T alone.

Bob Cleveland

Besides. They're both riding BOY'S bicycles.

Laurie Ann

It's so compact and comfortable, I'm tweeting as we speak.

Bob Cleveland

Nope. Not me.

Huuuuh-UH! Not in your LIFEtime.

The Glamorous Life Association

"See? When I squeeze this handle here my I can regulate my iPad absorbtion! And it is USB vaginally compatiable!"

Um, you are gonna wanna visit my blog in about an hour. You won't believe what I found! COM-EH-DEEEEE!


I hope the boys don't notice our iPads--wish they had an iPon.

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