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January 05, 2010


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No kidding! Also, I've never found one of those data sites that allow you to upload really huge documents, like, say high res photos. So: that's what an external hard drive is for. We keep promising ourselves to buy one and then reneging on the promise because we're too lazy to research to find the best one. Do you have one to recommend? Seriously.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

We will not talk about the fact that nothing I have is backed up--at all--except the bathroom sink. We also won't reference that Some People thought an external hard drive sounded like something from high school biology.

I'm toast.

Some People


I gotta get me one of those. We've outgrown my 60 gig external hard drive... lots of photos and audio files. It came in handy when we had to have our desktop computer completely restored.

Mantel Man

Number Three on the list of 10 Things Not To Say in 2010:


The Glamorous Life Association

I use both.
I have Mozy at $5 a month. And I have an external hardrive to save the most precious files. Why you ask? Because if my house burned down- the external harddrive would be melted and gone with the rest of the computer...so I have Mozy in case of that event.

ANd can I say? You should have bought a PC. I have no compelling evidence why. I just like to say that.

B von B

Computers??? Geek alert??? Seriously, you are crying wolf, sister. I was fully intended to read this and find out that you had lunch with the nerd from 'Criminal Minds'. Or at least The Woz.

Yikes. Geek Alert. Gah.


Earlier this year, I bought a 200+ gig passport drive (in blue!!) that fits in my pocket for about thirty bucks - that was with the case (also blue!!) at an electronics superstore that costs more than the Evil Empire but it's like a candyland for geekery.

I love my passport drive - it has the software installed right on it so it can work with any PC (sorry, I'm a PC girl...please don't hate me...) anywhere, which means I can access my info without fear of the Blue Nowhere crashing or freezing up or imploding someday.

Also, I don't trust the Interwebs to keep my stuff safe...all these stories about crackers (they aren't hackers - hackers MAKE programs, they don't break into them)(yes, I'm a word freak) getting into so-called secure services just exacerbate my paranoia.

Done geeking out, now...cheers, Mizz Foolery!

Shade and Sweetwater,


Last year for Christmas my dad (the technogeek) gave my husband a 320Gb external hard drive, mostly for use backing up our pictures. Works great, when hubby remembers to do it every other month or so. We had a scare Sunday, thought the desktop (with 700+ not backed up December pics) was dying, but it turned out the new anti-virus software doesn't like running on XP. This is odd, cause it does great on Vista (dad) or 7 (our netbook).


We bought an Apple Time Machine, which is nice because it backs everything up without us having to think about it. However, I have used Carbonite for a few years now and it has been 100% reliable.

Unfortunately, neither of these companies is paying me anything to say this!

Bob Cleveland

I bought me a 250-gig external hard drive a couple years ago, for under $100. I couldn't recommend it any more highly.

I back up everything I can think of and have only used 10% of it, and it's also handy for transferring big files from one computer to the other. just copy something to it, then plug it into the laptop and copy it over.

Cactus Petunia

Although I don't technically qualify as a geek, I do like to cover my ass...so it might be a good idea to back up to both, no?

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