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January 04, 2010


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Bob Cleveland

Oh. It wasn't SELF-immolation. That was capital punishment for Betty Crocker.


Lest you think it's safer to pop popcorn the ye olde fashioned waye on the stove? It isn't. I set a pan with some oil on the stove to heat up and, um, got a little distracted. I'll leave it at that, except to offer that smoke and a few wee flames ensued.

You don't ever want to be the person who forgets the popcorn in the office microwave. Just like you didn't want to be the kid who puked at school before making it to the bathroom.

Sorry, popcorn and puke. My bad.


BTW, CBW's comment is brilliant. (And I'm sorry about your cake incident too. On donkeys in the yard, did you ever read *David Copperfield*? If not, I'll send you the relevant passage. It's enough to make you snort yourself silly laughing.)


My first experience with a microwave was as a teenaged babysitter -- when I warmed the homemade hot fudge that had been kindly left for me in a tupperware container, and thoroughly melted the container into the pool of fudge collecting on the microwave plate. I tried to salvage the fudge without perceptible plastic in it because HOME MADE HOT FUDGE over icecream! But it tasted a little off. I was mortified.

Chesapeake Bay Woman


For showing such resolve, resiliencey and perseverance in the flaming heat of battle, Field Marshall Butthead needs to be promoted to Kernel.


I needed to laugh like this so much! Not at you...but with you. Sounds like something I would do and then write about it. What? I ain't scared to admit it. Next time though, dump the contents into a pot with a top and cook it on the stove top...it actually works. Just sayin'....

Rick's Cafe

This description stinks!
...so bad, that I've been forced to get up and see if my microwave is burning too!
Tooooo funny!

Mental P Mama

So that's what that smell was...

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