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January 07, 2010


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Bob Cleveland

I gotta tellya putting one o'them things next to the seat in an outhouse ain't comin' NEAR replacing old magazines and Sears catalogs.


Love it. Looks like a pile of kindling to me. Oh! Maybe that's where it got its name!


Rick and I have Sony Readers, and they are really great for traveling, and always having plenty handy to read. Hasn't kept us from buying lots of regular old books and magazines, though. Anyway, doesn't everybody Tweet on the Toity now?

Suz Broughton



I have my father's original Kindle. He gifted it to me when he bought himself the newer one (not the DLX). It's quite nice, especially since he left it on his account so what I buy is put on his credit card, not mine.
It was very nice to read the new Stephen King book on, since that thing's like 1000 pages and very heavy in print.

Ann Marie

I just turned massively green with envy!!!!!

Rick's Cafe

If ya can't do a crossword on it, it's not going in my bathroom!

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