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January 11, 2010


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Either way, Miss Meg, somebodys gonna put an eye out.  ; )


Awesome. I would have substituted some lower-tier eastern school, probably one of the land-grant state schools in PA.

*Hi Marcy! **waves**

Mental P Mama

Oh this was good.....


Rick's Cafe, I dunno. It's not my copy. I STOLE IT.

Hi Noe-Noe, thanks for snorting!

Kathi, I can't risk making jokes about losers. Hits too close to home. And my brother is an ASU alum. And thank you. And lay off the Wheat Thins and pea soup. And size 9 1/2 on a good day. : )

Ptooie, I can see the Exorcist connection now, but having trouble with Rita Moreno. Oh well, glad you're here!

Kyddryn, careful what you wish for. This is one of the less disgusting conversations we've had.

Thanks for coming by, everyone! MWAHH!

-- Laurie


I love your family. Adopt me??

Shade and Sweetwater,


Wow...glad I'm stuck with Rita Moreno performing on the Muppet Show in my head instead of the Exorcist!
Your family has funny conversations :)


All because you need a new pair of shoes. I'm thinking it would be easier just to send you some shoes. What size do you wear?


Actually, there is one more One More Thing. Sparky with the mouthful of peas totally reminds me of Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and so now I won't be able to sleep tonight what with worrying about celiac disease and mean ghosts.


One more thing. I am so worried that I might have celiac disease now. And I don't even know what it is. Or the symptoms.


As The Hilarious Family, I'll bet you are invited everywhere. Over and over again.


You bitch! I went to Cal State Fullerton!

Not really. I went to Arizona State, which is probably somewhere below CSF, also I dropped out.

So, as long as you don't make jokes about dropouts and losers, you and I are good.

noe noe girl


Rick's Cafe

My copy of Fever dosn't have "collectable" on the label....what's up with that?


Oh Bob, you KNOW your heart can take the racy stuff . . . its the toilet humor you gotta watch out for. Fair warning: Im sure theres gonna be some in 2010.

Marcy, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but at Chico State? We didnt even know there WAS a Fullerton State. That would have required a map, and a map would have meant a road trip, and a road trip would have resulted in depleted brain function . . . or so Ive heard.  : )

The Glamorous Life Association

Do I mention NOW that I graduated from none other than....wait for it....



Where I might ad, we made constant fun of the pot head drunks at Cal State Chico. Just sayin.


Bob Cleveland

Man oh man, I really got all revved up when the title of this post popped up on my RSS Feed Reader. But I'll say this: I ain't read so fast since old lady Porter's speed-reading class at BRHS.

You shouldn't do things like that to us old guys.


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