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January 11, 2010


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SMBS, no kidding! I KNOW! Thanks for noticing.  : )

Audubon Ron, so sorry, mon coeur. Get better soon, and no commenting until youre well, okay?


Thanks Meg!

Bob, I can always count on you to take not The High Road, not The Low Road, but The Road Not Taken. Ever before. Its not even paced. Or marked.


Thanks, Miz K. Looked into the Lladros. I may have to steal them. As soon as Hell Week #2: THe Sequel passes, I shall go buy Super Glue. And gin.


I should have written INSERT NAME OF FAVORITE UNIVERSITY HERE. Sorry, Marcy. Sorry, CSU Fullerton. Nice job completing those sentences, Marcy.  ; )

Audubon Ron

I'd comment but I have terrible flu.

Bob Cleveland

Gosh, I had no idea, but it looks like Don Quixote was a real twink.

No wonder the windmill whupped up on him.

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)

"Calgon....take me away"


Wow, hands full much? Hang in there mama!


Aww, Mizz Foolery...hugs...

I haven't written thank-you notes because I suck and also I can't afford postage (which really means I suck more). Sigh. I hope my family understands...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who hopes some kind, anonymous donor will replace you Lladro for you)(oh, and that the kids are OK)(Priorities)

The Glamorous Life Association


How insulting would it be to say "I am so glad I am not you today".

Pretty insulting huh?
But what did you expect from a CSUF grad anyway? Its lucky I can form complete sentences.


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