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December 08, 2009


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That-s an interesting way of making sandwich spread, i like the one with mustard!

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hahahaha, that's hilarious, i don't remember when we have our first microwave, but i didn't realize was that old!


Well, I don't have many eventful encounters with my microwave, but there was one recently at a client's office... I decided to bring a package of instant grits to the office to nuke for a warm breakfast... I mixed it in a mug with hot water, stuck it in the micro, and within 30 seconds the gluey glop was bubbling out over and onto the tray. Luckily I caught it before it cooked fast, but EW, I had to clean the microwave.

This is funny because TS Annie was just FB'ing about exploding baked potatoes in her oven!


My ex's family liked to tell about the new microwave Mom got for Christmas in 89 or so- youngest boy was about 4 years old. Some point after new microwave was set up, and the family had gone back to hanging out by the tree in the living room, they heard some odd zapping/crackling sounds. Turned out little boy wanted to know how hot the microwave got, so he stuck a thermometer in it and turned it on.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Peg + egg + mayo + salt = Peg salad.

I'd pay good money to have seen this when it happened.

And now we must learn more about this CD zapping.

Kathi D

Zapping CDs? Tell, please!

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