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December 06, 2009


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Kathi D

I know it's been a while since you been a-keepin chickens, so you probably forgot that they lay a lot of double-yolk king-size eggs the first year. Their hormones haven't lined up right proper yet. We had a bunch of them last year, but this year, none. Dang it.

Bob Cleveland

Besides, you wouldn't call it LAYING and egg with no shell. I'm pretty sure it's called "squirting".

Bob Cleveland

Well then I'm pretty sure the hen has lost shall we say elasticity in certain portions of her anatomy, or else that hummer'd come out of there like an Atlas missile and splatter itself all OVER something.


Super jumbo eggs! Yeeeowch!

I looked at adding BlogHer ads recently - the website aren't adding new advertisers at this time. WTF, BlogHer?

Suz Broughton

Do they make metamucil? That might be the problem, no? AND is an egg laid without a shell really still an egg?


@Ron, we got ANOTHER one this weekend! I will definitely photograph it when I break it. Jurassic Park indeed.

@CBW, Now that I have added BlogHer ads I need to totally change the way I format photos for the blog. Sorry for the confusion!

@Bob, when I crack the NEW monster egg I will show you. And if there are panty hose inside, Geraldo will be there with a camera crew.

@Marcy, your offspring could only have triple yolks. They're that original. ;)

Thanks for reading, my friends!

-- Laurie

The Glamorous Life Association

Poor chicken. I feel so sorry for it. I had nearly 10lbs children and I can really sympathize. Of course I haven't cracked mineopen yet to see if there is a double yoke. But when I do you can bet I will have my camera ready GRANDMA!


Bob Cleveland

I think you're just joshin' us here. There weren't no eggstuff in there ... there were pantyhose, right?

Come on. Fess up, now, ok?


Chesapeake Bay Woman

Mamma mia, that's a spicy meatball. Or a huge egg.

So glad you clarified about the photo formatting. On the previous post with the girls and Santa Claus, I sat for an hour looking for your other girl who could only be seen after embiggening the photo.

Audubon Ron

Whoamygoodness. Jurassic Park.

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