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December 16, 2009


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Okay, in that first picture? She kinda looks like she's already been elfed: http://www.elfyourself.com

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Is there really much difference between the two pictures? (Other than some enhancements to her features in the second photo which contribute to an appearance of fullness and therefore health?)

I read this last night (or this morning, it's all the same), and didn't want to say anything for fear of being petty, catty or weird. Then I realized it was way too late to worry about that.

Catty (Cheeky's Evil Twin)


@Meg, I think she's still too thin, but I think she's just predisposed to it, like I am to being, shall we say, *fluffy*.

@momx2, now THAT was funny.

Oh -- wait, @BHE, so was THAT! And, um NNG . . . dang, you guys are way too funny . . .

@Jason, it's of questionable merit to endanger one's health for a role. And I think she worked pretty hard to stay THAT thin. I'm glad to see her looking less gaunt, for her sake and all of our sakes.

And now, to bed. Unlikely. Big Friendly Noogies to you all!

-- Laurie


She does look healthy.

Maybe she was that thin because she had just done Girl Interrupted, playing a very disturbed teenage girl?

noe noe girl

Gosh- I'm glad I only had one kid!

big hair envy

I guess the "Concentration Camp" look was IN in 1999?


Hmmm, if she is "healthy" I'm gonna live forever!


She does look healthier, but she's still skinnier than I'll ever be.

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