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December 18, 2009


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This is awesome. I love gratuitous nudity. No matter how old. Especially when its for a good cause.


That is awesome.


This calendar is hilarious.

And, not apropos for this post, but on the fleas: I had a friend whose house had such awful fleas once that you could actually see them jumping up out of the carpet and onto your ankles as you dashed across the floor to get out the door. So I sympathize with the bite problems, and I hope your flea bombing has worked.


I am SO not eating any food from that counter.

Maybe a portion of the fundraising can go enrolling some of the merchants into a FoodSafe program...

Audubon Ron

Oooh, warn me next time, I'm eating breakfast.

Suz Broughton

I did see the movie a few weeks ago, so funny!
I like the idea of helping out, even though I just bought a kitten calendar, I will order one too.


Well, maybe you could just let me know how the calendar looks. I'm not sure I really need to see it, I'll take your word for it ;)

Bob Cleveland

I call those "peek-a-boo" calendars. Peek, then boo.


Bob Cleveland

Well if the Jaybird is in fact nekkid, have you ever seen one with CLOTHES ON? Huh? HUH?

My daddy told me that those girls in the pictures in his bottom desk drawer under last year's phone book.. that those feathers WERE their clothes, but mommy never wore any like that.

I think the birdie is nicely dressed. Much more than those girls.

Kathi D

I wish they would make one with optional stick-on clothing.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Awesome. I love gratuitous nudity, especially when it's for a worthy cause.


You do rock, Miss Marcy -- you know that, right? Im making MY call at lunch (because, you know, I do work, I hear). Thanks.  : )

The Glamorous Life Association

Um, I don't think I actually want to SEE the calendar. But I think I will contact them to see if I can make a donation. With my eyes closed.

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