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November 02, 2009


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noe noe girl

Oh now that is the perfect match!

Mental P Mama


Chesapeake Bay Woman

SMBS: Foolery has done an excellent job of casting our dear Meg, although I do agree that Dana is not as pretty and charming.

*But* you should not dismiss the "likes to dance on tables swirling somebody's pants over her head while in Las Vegas and nobody's looking" aspect of Foolery's description.

Foolery did say that, right? Or did I read that in one of Meg's posts....

Bravo on the casting, Ms. Foolery.


Weeeellll, I waaas starting to wonder, but you know I'm much too polite to ASK.

You flatter me, Laurie! I'm blushing over here!

SMBS, there's a side of me that few get to see. As far as evil, you need only know that my career is in human resources. (Shut up.) I'm pretty much the antithesis of slutty, except for that one trip to Las Vegas and a few hours at Coyote Ugly...

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)

Meg is evil and slutty???
...I need to get to know this lady better:)!

big hair envy

Well, Dana Delany is not as pretty as Meg, but I think she'll do;)

Another excellent pairing, Laurie!

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