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November 26, 2009


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I love the parade and especially the bands, and no one else will watch with me. I was in the car, hurtling ever northward to make a noon date at Curt's dad's family's feast... so I missed it this year. Maybe next year?


@CBW and @Kyddryn -- I don't think I've ever watched that parade start to finish because I'm usually polishing silverware or eating rat poison or doing ANYTHING less painful than sit through happy talk. But I watched it this year. A Thanksgiving rite of passage I'll never have to go through again. And I love the bands, too! This year Pittsburgh High School in the Bay Area sent a band for the first time -- cost them a quarter of a million dollars. They were fantastic.

@AR -- glad you survived. Will you make anything spectacular out of the leftover turkey? I wanna hear about it.

Happy weekend, guys!

-- Laurie


Hey, Mizz Foolery - I hope you had a lovely time with your family!

I TiVo the parade so the late risers can watch it, too...and also so we can fast-forward through all the talking, ads, shameless self-promotion, and gabage for the few things we are interested in here at Casa de Crazy - namely the marching bands (those kids work so hard to get there...) and the few ballons that aren't there for branding purposes. We condense a three hour show into twenty minutes.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Audubon Ron

AR reporting in. He survived.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

That parade was just one long, really bad commercial. I switched over to House Hunters International after one of those excruciatingly bad lip-synching exhibitions.

Next I ate twelve gallons of stuffing and hoovered a vat of mashed potatoes and gravy. Then I fell into a coma.

The End

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