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November 04, 2009


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Operating systems are a problem and a benefit for all, the importance of them is to help us interact with hardware, but in the end I really liked your post, thanks for sharing!

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I can understand if you've been turned off by bad Customer Service, but it's all about system reliability.

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I wonder how remote desktop works with Vista. From what ive heard, remote desktop is implemented alot better in Vista than in XP, but i think thats mainly performance and fps they speak about. I dont know how it works with multiple monitors.

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Windows 7 proves to be complicated, bloated, slow, and otherwise problematic in the way of past Windows versions.

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I'm planning on buying Windows Vista next week. I was wondering if I can install the program on all the computers in my house with only one disk.

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Microsoft came up with a new campaign to market the new Windows 7, and it's absolutely brilliant.

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It looks interesting, but it runs Windows XP which makes it kind of less attractive when it comes to performance and battery power.

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I'm a PC (HP Pavilion) and have had no problems whatsoever with Vista. I still have my Dell (Windows XP) running for lots of stuff I don't want to put on my new HP, and I prefer the HP with Vista on it.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I'm still waiting for the love affair with my Mac to being. Right now we're still at second base.


I'm a Mac and have been for many years due to all of the frustrations of a PC while in the corporate world. Hubby fights a PC all day at work, then comes home to his Mac and his blood pressure drops to normal... *ahhh, sigh of relief, thanks Steve Jobs!

Oh, and children in commercials is quite annoying.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Mantel Man

OH . . . GOOD . . . GRIEF.

And Chevy pickups are better than Fords. My pit bull won't ride in a Ford, and he won't even lift his leg on the tires of a Dodge.

Unless the Dodge happens to belong to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Man, can'tcha just picture Steve Jobs in a pickup?

Me neither.

Rick's Cafe

mmmm fungus, sauteed in butter and served on top of a rare steak! Making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Bob Cleveland

I'm a PC (HP Pavilion) and have had no problems whatsoever with Vista. I still have my Dell (Windows XP) running for lots of stuff I don't want to put on my new HP, and I prefer the HP with Vista on it.

My son is a MCSE and he says The main benefit to Windows 7 is it's a lot faster to load.

But hey, what do I know? I like fungus, too.

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)


I thought that last commerical was a jab at government run health care.

...I never made the connection:)
yeah, pcs ocassionally have issues...but then I can buy a new, upgraded version every other month for the price of one old,tired Mac.

Now if I could only do that with women...oh wait, I can...I'm not married!

Audubon Ron


I had no idea. I wouldn't have guessed had you not told me.

noe noe girl

I think I am a PC with lime!


Oh, Mizz Foolery - I'm a PC user, and sometimes Microsoft drives me batty. Sigh. Still...when it DOES work, it's brilliant. Sad...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You look maaahvelous. Simply maaahvelous.

p.s. Those crickets were chirping when I tried to click on the video with dial-up. Just reach through the screen and slap me across the face for not doing something about this. But in the mean time you really do look mahvelous.

The Glamorous Life Association

Them thar are some fightin words missy.


But I agree this is kind of a brilliant concept. Of course if it is WONDERFUL will we all be getting checks every month too? You know...cuz it was my idea?

(hey did anyone cringe when the girl says 'abso-frick-lutely' in the commerical? Hello? INAPPROPRIATE.)

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