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November 02, 2009


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Frances, as someone who spent a good portion of young adulthood looking like Cousin It, Im sorry. Though I can never remember if thats The Addams Family or The Munsters or The Osbournes. Welcome to Foolery!


hhhmmmm....I don't know what side of the coin I'm on...though my friends and family keep giving me copies of the 'Adams Family' as gifts. Admiration, hints, respect? Don't know but I have several now. Video and DVD. Hadn't thought about it but I do get some strange (re- odd) chance encounters...Love you blog. Thanks for the laugh on a cold night.


First of all, Cheeky CBW, I sought YOU out. Yes, you are rather loony, however. We both are.

Ron, I think it was a mutual admiration society thing from BOSSY's readership. At least that's what I tell myself. In fact, I think I met all four of you from BOSSY's blog! Or Pioneer Woman. Anyhoo.

So glad to have met you four, and my other blog buddies. Thanks for always making my day fun. Your comments make me make donkey noises, which I live for. : )

-- Laurie


That would explain how I found you! I was wondering...

But I like to think of myself as more the "Delightfully Dinghy" type and less the "Frighteningly Psychotic" sort. My kind of crazy is fun! Whee...really...

Cheers, Mizz Foolery, and thanks for the visits, yesterday - I'm always delighted to see you've been around.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who took that referral you gave her, and thanks for that, too!)

Bob Cleveland

I w o n d e r i f t h i s a p p l i e s t o b l o g r e a d e r s . . . .

Audubon Ron

Ikay, now you got me thinking. Did I find you or did you find me?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

And here's another example: I sought you out, and I'm as crazy as they get. I'm glad I did though.

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