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November 26, 2009


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Yep, I can tell you that when "big hair" was in, or at least when my mom strove to have it, she piled on wiglet after wiglet.

And yes, Paul's jowls are making their inevitable surrender to the relentless pull of our enemy Gravity.

Alas, I fear we'll all meet the same fate. Though it beats the alternative...


Thanks, JD! I don't know if "wiglet" is a real word. I just know that that's what Mormor called her hair piece.

CBW, I love the Beatles like an extra limb, but there is something unsettling about watching my grandmother sing "Hey Jude." At least it wasn't "Helter-Skelter."

Jason, Mormor was indeed a handsome woman. Her wiglet helped her look quite a bit, though.

AR, I could listen to old guys with guitars for hours: Paul, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, B.B. King, Chris Smither, and probably you!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends!

-- Laurie

Audubon Ron

Just what the world needs, another old guy with a guitar, like me.


He looks like your grandmother? She is a very handsome woman, then!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

"Should he ever start wearing a wiglet I'll have to call him Mormor and ask for story time."

- and that's the second funniest thing.

Personally I think Paul's been dead all along, and this is really Elvis. Still, that's a wiglet.

JD at I Do Things

"I think the Beatles are sending me a message, and after SECONDS of thought, here it is:

Paul McCartney looks more and more like my grandmother every year."

I do believe this may be the funniest thing I've read all week.

(And yes, I think that IS a wiglet.)

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