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November 29, 2009


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Did your family write "The Urban Dictionary"?

Because this should be recorded for posterity.

Or, for posterior-ity. (buck snort...)


Im adding letting a windy to my lexicon.

Kathi D

We always called the expellation of gas "letting a windy."My brother Bob was "Hey Bob-a-ree-bob." Mom said my very first word ever was "Bobby!" and I yelled it. Hmmmm. Wonder how I learned that?


Okay, Mantel Man, you promise not to explain butt gasket and I wont explain shriv launch.

Mantel Man


You can't talk about ghegumphing without telling these good people what a "butt gasket" is.

I'm sending you a list of our family sayings and nicknames I compiled a long time ago.

What, doesn't every family have one of those?


@Marcy, creative is a kind word. Perhaps broken or irrevocable are more accurate!

The Glamorous Life Association

This just cinched it.

I love your dad.

Well, we call butterflys...flutterbys
Hiccops are hicamabumps
Pasta is Noo- Noos...
Tucker is called Pikachoo
and Jack? He is Pukashell. (I must like P names)

Not as creative as YOUR family. But then again who could beat them??


Im not sure ghegumphing would be SAFE after a menu like that, Cheeky! And your family wins, hands down. Those are totally untraceable reclassifications, as far as Im concerned.  : )

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Thanks to suckpopple, your father is my new favorite person.

My mother has her own language. When somebody sneezes, she says, "Wootchy gootchy." Now, my children say it.

Our family also goops a lot, which basically means lollygaging, at least according to my father.

A cytoge (pronounced sigh TOE gee) is a bad storm.

Hiney = tiggy.

I could go on, but you won't want me to.

So, in conclusion, if I put some millick on some Baby Sally's Crispy Wispys and then follow that up with some good-good cheese and a suckpopple, I might be ghegumphing right before the buck snorts?


Meg, Ed-Fred is my new favorite name.  : )


I can only add that my mother in law couldn't decide on their new cat's name so he is ED-FRED. It seems so normal to say it now, but at first... well on second thought, maybe it isn't all that normal...


I have a feeling your parents were constantly running to the bedroom to laugh into their sleeves, boB.  : )

Bob Cleveland

French toast at our house was called "Piffles". That was fine until I ordered piffles at a restaurant just off La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, in June 1948.

That was about the only funny names except maybe Jiob, which we eventually referred to as our other brother. That arose whenever mom started to yell at Jimmy, and realized mid-word she should be yelling at me instead.

In retrospect, the funniest thing I ever did to my parents concerned those air biscuits (which we called Arkansas Barkin' Spiders): after I'd shall we say cut the cheese at the dining room table, my dad very straight-facedly said that sort of thing I should only do in the bathroom. So, 2 minutes later, when I felt the urge, I got up, walked to the bathroom (adjacent to the dining room and clearly visible from the table), stuck my behind in through the door, and let'er rip.

I sat back down and mom and dad never said a word or cracked a smile, but I'm sure they spent most of an hour, later, getting over that one.

And remind me to tell you about safety and doorknob sometime.

ps: Before someone asks how many weeks ago that was, I was maybe 7 at the time.


I was already pretty sure you were 1/3 nuts, Ron.  : )

Audubon Ron

You're not anybody until you collect three or four nicknames. And, you should hear me go on with my animal/baby talk. You'd think I was half nuts.

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