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October 17, 2009


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Shower Stalls

MOre calories than you can shake a stick at.


I wonder how many calories are in that last photo...

JD at I Do Things


Oh, man. That photo of the candy aisle got me almost as excited as the ACTUAL candy aisle I stood drooling in front of yesterday at the drugstore.

I think Candy Season is year-round for me.



Bob Cleveland

This year I have a new approach. I'm going to start buying the candy like normal, but I'm going to tuck it all inside the front of my shirt. That's where it'd wind up anyway, and this way, I won't have to buy any new clothes whilst losing all the weight from not eating the candy.

This'll give me time to save up some money for some new duds, and then just show up at church one day impersonating a super model.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Duck season. Rabbit season. Duck season. Rabbit season.

Wild boar season?

Audubon Ron

I remember. Northern Cali has a spring season, which is about an hour and one-half. It has a fall too. A little under 13 minutes shorter. Now, in the south, candy is a must in the hot muggy summer and can mostly be found in my refrigerator a work. Many a business meeting was handled over a cold Snickers. Srsly.

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