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October 08, 2009


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noe noe girl

I needed this chuckle!

Mental P Mama

LOL. Emma called her chapstick Lip Blam for years! I never had the nerve to correct her...;)

Kathi D

Oh, let me tell who else is fascinated by that stuff. Well, actually, not that exact stuff. I smear Flexitall on my heels, another heel blam, and the dogs are all over me, licking and going nuts. One of the ingredients in it is, well, PEE.


Oh, and I love calm sauce.


HA! Funny!

My MIL has a very thick Mexican accent. She sent my son upstairs to bring her some "Beeks Bappo Roo." WHAT? It took me about five minutes to figure out that he was trying to say "Vicks Vapor Rub."

Chesapeake Bay Woman

In such cases as these, a nice linguine with white calm sauce often does the trick.

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