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October 16, 2009


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The Glamorous Life Association

That has to be the weirdest thing to be ever...so random. So kooky....so YOU.

Best Halloween costume? How about when my dad gave me his dress jacket and hat from his Army uniform and I wore it. AND THAT WAS ALL I WORE. With fish net stockings, heels and smile.

I was very very popular that night.

Be all that you can be.


Those guys, in that one photo? #36? That's the jersey of retired Steeler Jerome Bettis.

Just sayin'.


one year in high school I went as a single father (yep, I'm female). I wore the loosest jeans I had, an oxford shirt with a sportcoat over it, my hair was already shaved underneath about to my ears so when it was pulled back it looked kinda masculine... and I borrowed some of my mother's foundation to make a hint of a beard. Plus I borrowed my Aunt's little stuffed dude (looked like a toddler with his hands over his eyes so I could lean him against me while sitting in class & he looked real from the back).
I got some weird looks that year, especially from my boyfriend, but it was fun.


Hm, downtown Chico in the 90s.....did you go to Lollypops? Was that what it was called? Sort of a 50s themed place? My go to costume as a kid was a gypsy because I never thought about it until the day of Halloween, seriously. My favorite costume was in college when I wore an orange embroidered tunic that had been my moms (probably a shirt really) and had mirrors on it. I teased my hair out to there and we danced like it was the interchange between the 60s and the 70s.

Cactus Petunia

That would have to be the year I went as "the" Jane Russell (as in are you THE Jane Russell? No, I'm the OTHER one)... 4" heels, tight knit dress, wig, and a size 44DD bra I found at the thrift store and stuffed with an entire box of kleenex. It was the most uncomfortable costume I ever wore!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

First of all, what a great picture of you. It's absolutely perfect and you haven't changed at all except now your hair is straight. This should be your new blog id photo, whatever that's called.

Second, when the fudgesicles are scared out of me, Icescream.

Third, the second thing is really lame but the first thing is awesome.


I don't have a favorite - they all sucked. Sigh.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Bob Cleveland

Oh. By. The. Way.

I've spent a lot of time in Jamaica. If those are supposed to be dredlocks, they're not.

Bob Cleveland

It'll be hard to describe but I'll try.

My backyard neighbor was named Larry, who was an mischievous as me. I asked Peg to have her mom make us a costume so she got two pairs of khakis and shirts and took out the side seams and sewed them together, side-to-side. Larry and I put them on and went out as a 2-headed, 2-armed, 3-legged monster.

We weren't into candy too much so we went Trick-or-Drinking. That was fun.

Or so Peg tells me. The memory is a bit fuzzy.

Laurie Ann

Fifth Grade. I wanted to be a reporter. My mom tried to convince me to be a cat (we had the costume) or a hobo (because it's seriously easy), but nope. I insisted on being a reporter. I wore my oldest brother's suit jacket with my dad's Fedora and a tie. I stuck a little card in the hatband that read "press" and carried a flip notebook and a pencil. My mom made me a microphone by covering the plunger from the applesauce maker with foil. (She misunderstood the whole reporter thing thinking I wanted to be a TV reporter)

No one got it at all. Even the nuns looked at me funny.

noe noe girl

Oh I stay in my costume year round!
And I am so loving that hair GF!


I went as myself..scared the bejeezers out of everyone, including myself...now ya know

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