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September 28, 2009


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I'll trade someone my boob job for some lipo...any takers?? I don't want more boob I want less arse.

Miz Foolery, you're too cute...I was just recalling the bad old days with some friends...you know...when the cure for what ailed you was dry toast and flat ginger-ale and you only went to the doctor if something fell off that shouldn't have. Ahh, the life of the uninsured...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (uninsured and not likely to change that any time soon)


Sounds reasonable. But are you sure there are no death panels?

noe noe girl

If you run for office you'll get my vote!

Kathi D

I am going to have to pay up because there is no way I will live without bacon.

Mental P Mama

Okay. You win. Are you coming to Oysterfest? I'll pay;)

Cactus Petunia

Yeee Ha!
Foolery for President!


LOVE it!! You've got my support on this issue. Especially the part about Oprah paying.


I like the last one best... and would also endorse no limits on corrective foot surgery. Or full foot transplants. Because I got totally jobbed in the foot department.


You definitely got my vote!! This is a big improvement over what the powers that be have proposed.

Rick's Cafe

must be glitch in my software. I'm only getting pictures for the 1st 3 bullet points....:)

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