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September 30, 2009


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coach suitcase

Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together! I'm very happy to leave my comment here, and hope that your blog will become more and more color!


I love this.

Being a band geek was the one thing I was missing in becoming The World's Biggest Nerd Ever.

Now I must go visit Da Goddess because she and I haven't chatted for a while.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

A boxing glove? That's, um, unique. :D I wasn't in band, but I did do drill team for awhile. *jazz hands*

big hair envy

OMG!!! That's all I'm going to be able to think about when the band takes the field tonight at Snow White's homecoming football game!!! BWAHAHAHA!

Cactus Petunia

What instrument did you play? (Because that will only add to the Band Geek allure.)

**FROM LAURIE: Typepad is KILLING ME this week -- AARRGGHH! Can't comment on my own blog, unless you want to read the ENTIRE contents of the e-mail I -- but wait, sorry. Ahem. Miss Cactus, I played a LOT of stuff, but in marching band I started on clarinet, moved to tenor sax briefly, and then stuck with glockenspiel. Yes, I'm a geek in TWO languages (at least). : )

-- Laurie

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I think I took too many horse tranquilizers, because I can't stop thinking about blurry potatoes rolling around on the car floor.

Genius. Your girls get it honestly.

**FROM LAURIE: Please see Cactus Petunia's comment reply for an explanation of why I'm "editing" to reply, *sigh.* CBW, I'm fairly sure I'm warping my children, but it was probably too late for them from birth.


Goddess -- thanks so much for the opportunity to write about band. I'm pretty sure I have a ton more stories to bore people with. And yes, her dress was ankle-length and best described as a caftan, or maybe a sofa slip cover. For a really ugly sofa.

Marlene, I could not have told you how many inches -- how did you do that?! I just know eight steps to the hash mark.

Mannequin, great to meet you too, and I loved your story (check it out, y'all). So sorry about Trite Boy.

Raz! How are you, my dear? Yes, I truly hate that song, and this counts for one reason why.

MPM, I always make you wash your brain, don't I? I'm sorry. You must have the cleanest mind in town.

Linette -- thanks for backing up my story! There must be some Santa Clara Band Review stories we could dredge up. Linette and I played clarinet together as freshmen. What was Mrs. H thinking? What would have been wrong with a big O? We could have done that! Maybe she thought we couldn't spell. Maybe SHE couldn't spell.

Thanks so much for reading everybody!

-- Laurie

Linette Richie

Ohhhhh those were the days..."one time at band camp" I do remember this event our freshman year. LOL It was actually a good thing I was naive at the time or I may have realized the potential for an off color remark or two about the back and forth movement of our "GLOVE"…. Oh and by the way, I was never a band geek.... I was worse; I was in my own element. Fun fact for the day---I teach music and drama for my school district! So does this mean I am the Queen Geek.

Mental P Mama

I need to go wash my brain out now.


Does this mean that the 'Theme from Rocky' produces a sort of Pavlov's dogs response in you, and you have to go and hide somewhere?

I'm so sorry. That's an amazing theme song.


OH my goodness! You are hilarious in a most serious way.
I had forgotten all about the band and their big hats. Our drum major was so trite; in my yearbook he wrote these words of wisdom, "you are the downbeat in my parade of life." Oh yech.

Thank you so very much for exposing the inner you. I am so very pleased to meet you. :)


Great memories and I am very impressed that you remembered your field shows...I have all but forgotten how to take a perfect 22 1/2 inch step.

Da Goddess

"Our high school band could have made a comma, maybe."

Classic line!

A caftan. Really?

And while our band did get to play a bit of Rush during field and parade events, we weren't all that cool. We tried to be, but we failed miserably. We did, however, fool enough people to win competitions.

I'm so glad you're one of my fellow geeks.

Thanks, too, for playing along!

P.S. I know you're going to love Mannequin. She's pretty awesome. Like you.

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